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410304.0  ( version 2017-2018 / 1 ) Applied electrochemistry (5sp)

City:  ÅBO

Arranging unit: 35 Faculty of Science and Engineering / 711 ANALYTISK KEMI

Term / period: 2017-2018 Period 1

Target group:
Students studying for the master's degree

Level: Intermediate studies

Available as distance course?No
Reading course:No
Pre-registration required in MinPlan:YesRegistration opens:01.05.2017Registration closes:15.09.2017
Pre-registration to Open University required:No
Other registration, how?No

The aim of the course is to give students basic knowledge in electrochemistry including some common applications of electrochemistry.

Learning objectives:
The students should understand and get familiar with the following electrochemical concepts/techniques/preparation methods:
- Electrochemical reactions at metal and semiconductor electrodes
- Nernst and Butler-Volemer equation
- The electrical double layer
- Basic principles of common electrochemical techniques including e.g. voltammetry, potentiometry, conductometry, electrochemical impedance spectroscopy and scanning electrochemical microscopy
- Fuel cells, supercapacitors and batteries
- Electroactive materials
- Most common electrochemical sensors

Teaching methods:
Lectures, calculation and laboratory exercises, and self-studies.

Forms of examination:
Written exam. Participation in the exam requires that the laboratory exercises are approved before the exam.

Work load:
Lectures: 28 h
Laboratories/field work/excercises: 40 h
Self study (reading/information seeking/written assignments/other independent work): 53 h
Written or oral examination: 4 h

Review description now:
ÅAU's electronic course evaluation platform

Course responsible: Tom Lindfors

Description of other previous knowledge: Basic knowledge in chemistry

Right to participate in examinations will be attained, minimum requirements for participation: The laboratory reports should be approved before the examination.

Examiner: Johan Bobacka

Title: Electrochemical methods: fundamentals and applications
Author: Bard Allen J, Faulkner Larry R
Edition: 2. ed / 2000
Publisher: Wiley, New York
ISBN: 0-471-04372-9 (inb.)

Other course material:
Lecture material in Moodle

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