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410522.0  ( version 2017-2018 / 1 ) Chemical sensors (5sp)

City:  ÅBO

Arranging unit: 35 Faculty of Science and Engineering / 711 ANALYTISK KEMI

Term / period: 2017-2018 Period 2

Level: Advanced studies

Available as distance course?No
Reading course:No
Pre-registration required in MinPlan:YesRegistration opens:01.09.2017Registration closes:03.11.2017
Pre-registration to Open University required:No
Other registration, how?No

The aim of the course is to give students deep insight into chemical sensors and their practical applications. The course deals with basic principles of different types of chemical sensors based on electrochemical, optical, mass and thermal transduction. Electrochemical sensors and their applications in clinical and biomedical analysis are emphasized. The construction and operation principle of solid-contact ion-selective electrodes are described in detail. Modelling of the response of ion-selective membranes is briefly introduced.

Learning objectives:
- Students can describe the operation principles for chemical sensors based on electrochemical, optical, mass and thermal transduction.
- Students can explain the operation principle of potentiometric, amperometric and conductometric sensors and give examples of their applications.
- Students can give examples of chemical sensors based on conducting polymers.
- Students can determine the selectivity coefficients of ion-selective electrodes

Generic skills:

Teaching methods:
Lectures and laboratory exercises.

Forms of examination:
Written exam

Work load:
Lectures: 24 h
Laboratories/field work/excercises: 25 h
Self study (reading/information seeking/written assignments/other independent work): 80 h
Written or oral examination: 4 h

Review description now:
By the course evaluation program Rubber Stamp.

Course responsible: Andrzej Lewenstam

Previous knowledge:
410304.0 Tillämpad elektrokemi (5 sp)

Course homepage: http://.

Right to participate in examinations will be attained, minimum requirements for participation: The reports from the laboratory exercises should be handed in and be approved before the course is approved.

Examiner: Johan Bobacka

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