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410517.0  ( version 2017-2018 / 1 ) Seminars in analytical chemistry (5sp)

City:  ÅBO

Arranging unit: 35 Faculty of Science and Engineering / 711 ANALYTISK KEMI

Term / period: 2017-2018 Period 4

Level: Advanced studies

Available as distance course?No
Reading course:No
Pre-registration required in MinPlan:YesRegistration opens:01.01.2018Registration closes:06.04.2018
Pre-registration to Open University required:No
Other registration, how?No

The aim of the course is to present recent research trends in analytical chemistry and ongoing research at the Laboratory of Analytical Chemistry to the students. The other aim is to learn the students to search and understand scientific publications, to write an essay and to improve presenting skills.

Learning objectives:
After the course the students should be able to
- understand contents of presentations in order to be able to write a summary of each presentation
- search scientific information about a chosen topic
- individually write an essay about a chosen topic
- make a presentation of the essay
- present the essential content of the essay to other students

Generic skills:

Teaching methods:
- Compulsory attendance to the presentations
- The students should write a summary of each presentation
- essay writing
- presentation

Forms of examination:
The credit is given based on the quality of the written summaries, essay and the presentation.

Work load:
Lectures: 12 h
Laboratories/field work/excercises: 6 h
Self study (reading/information seeking/written assignments/other independent work): 115 h

Review description now:
By the course evaluation tool Rubber Stamp.

Course responsible: Johan Bobacka

Previous knowledge:
410101.0 Analytisk kemi II (5 sp)
410300.0 Analytisk kemi I (3 sp)
260007.0 Analytisk kemi I (5 sp)
410110.0 Basics in Analytical Chemistry (5 sp)
410305.0 Chemical and instrumental methods of analysis (10 sp)

Course homepage: http://.

Examiner: Johan Bobacka

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