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410523.0  ( version 2017-2018 / 1 ) Special project in analytical chemistry (10sp)

City:  ÅBO

Arranging unit: 35 Faculty of Science and Engineering / 711 ANALYTISK KEMI

Term / period: 2017-2018 Period 1 Period 2 Period 3 Period 4

Level: Advanced studies

Available as distance course?No
Reading course:No
Pre-registration required in MinPlan:No
Pre-registration to Open University required:No
Other registration, how?YesPlease, contact the examiner.

The aim of the course is to familiarize students with analytical chemistry research. The student participates as a research affiliate in one of the ongoing research projects under supervision of a doctoral student or senior researcher. The student writes a report based on the results obtained.

Learning objectives:
- The student can perform demanding laboratory work.
- The student can describe the theoretical background to the experimental work.
- The student can summarise the results and compare them with results from scientific publications.

Generic skills:

Teaching methods:
Research work with individual supervision.

Forms of examination:
The assessment is based on the experimental part and the written report.

Work load:
Laboratories/field work/excercises: 200 h
Self study (reading/information seeking/written assignments/other independent work): 66 h

Review description now:

Course responsible: Johan Bobacka

Previous knowledge:
410304.0 Tillämpad elektrokemi (5 sp)

Examiner: Johan Bobacka

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